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People Helping People


The art of providing guidance and support to another person is fast becoming identified as one key to success in the workforce. By implementing innovative ways to incorporate mentoring into our employment retention programming, Dress to Impress affiliates are able to provide this added benefit to our clients.

Dress to Impress understands that a client’s career development is an ongoing process. Mentoring addresses the need for additional support during this time by offering professional role models and one-on-one guidance to help clients shape and pursue their career goals. Through Dress to Impress, members learn networking and professional skills in a group setting, and mentoring allows men and women to continue to refine these capabilities on an individual basis.    

Mentoring is a powerful experience for both mentor and mentee; often these new relationships permanently enrich the participants’ lives. A mentee can fine-tune his or her skills and continue to develop professionally with the nonjudgmental guidance of a more experienced professional. Alternatively, reflecting on their mentee’s questions and challenges, a mentor can evaluate their own career and personal choices. Both participants enhance their views of the world of work while enjoying the beginnings of a new friendship.